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Liqing Du(杜利清), associate professor, female, Ph.D, graduated from Bethune Medical University and received bachelor’s degree there. Then Du attains a master's degree of Physiology in Inner Mongolia Medical College, a doctor’s degree of Radiation Medicine in Peking Union Medical College. Successively worked in Baotou Medical College and Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine College. And now, she is a associate professor in the Institute of Radiation Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College. 

Liqing Du’s major research areas are the biological effects of radiation on organisms, and the mechanism of tumor radiosensitivity, including genome instability in cells caused by radiation; DNA damage and repair capacity change induced by radiation; interaction of HR and NHEJ during repair process after radiation damage and influence of DNA damage repair capacity to tumor radiosensitivity. Recent years, some research works on radiation immunology have also been done. The radiation injury and resulting immune dysfunction is the most common symptoms in patients with diseases induced by nuclear radiation, radiotherapy and radioactive nuclear accident. Moreover, long-term immunosuppression may increase the occurrence of clinical autoimmune disease and radiogenic neoplasm. Therefore, further study the mechanism of how radiation impact on immune system is meaningful for people to fully understand the molecular and regulatory mechanisms, and can also provide evidences for improving radiation protection which bases on the functional status of immune system after radiation.
Currently, Liqing Du has published 20 theses in academic periodicals home and abroad. 3 pieces of thesis as the first author in international journal., and obtained a number of patents and achievements. In recent three years, Du won the second prize of science and technology progress in Tianjin for two times, the third prize of Chinese Medical Science Award, and the third prize of Chinese Preventive Medicine Award. Du undertook three projects in radiation institute as principal investigator, in charge of one project of Chinese Medical College Youth Fund, two Tianjin Attracting Talent projects, and one project of the ministry of education doctoral fund.

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