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Wang Qin(王芹),born in 1972, associate researcher and tutor of master students, graduated from Peking Union Medical College in July 1994 and since graduation she has been working for CAMS Institute of Radiation Medicine, mainly engaged in studies on radiosensitivity and tumor gene therapy in radiobiology field and other aspects. She successively undertook many research projects of NSFC, Tianjin Natural Science Funds, College Funds and cooperation projects between China and Japan. 
    As project leader, she undertook NSFC “Separation and Identification of Radiation Resistance Related Gene of IRM-2 Mice”, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation “Preliminary Study of Human IL-21 Gene for Tumour Treatment” and Discipline Development Fund of Institute of Radiation Medicine “Clone of Radiation Resistance Related Gene of IRM-2 Mice”. In addition, for multiple consecutive years she has been undertaking projects of Youth Innovation Discovery Fund of Institute of Radiation Medicine “Adoption ofΔmtDNA4977 Detection and Analysis Method to Predict Tumor Radiosensitivity” and “Construction of Expression Vectors of IL-21 Gene Adenovirus and Preliminary Experiment for Tumor Suppression”. 
    She participated in NSFC “Study of Radiation Joint RB94 Gene for Cancer Treatment”, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation “Relationship of Low Dose Radiation and Mechanism of Tumor Radiotherapy” and “Plasmid Construction of RB94 Gene Adenovirus and Tumor Suppression Effect” as a major person. 
    In addition, she also published over 20 academic papers as the first author or corresponding author on international and domestic core journals for scientific paper.

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