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Li Deguan, Ph.D. He was born in May 1982. After graduation in 2005 as a master, he entered Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory of Institute of Radiation Medicine Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Chinese Peking Union Medical College, working on studies involving radiology and cell and molecular biology. In recent years, he has taken part in a number of projects from Natural Science Foundation of China and Tianjin Fund. He has mastered various techniques and methods required for carrying out the projects such as CAFC, CFU-GM experiment, knockout mice feeding, immune cell staining and flow cytometry, etc., and equipped with good research capabilities. For the past two years, he has, as project leader undertook one project from Tianjin Youth Fund and one project from the National Natural Science Youth Foundation, two projects of the institute, and one project from China Youth College Medical Fund. He has had more than 80 academic papers published, and owned 13 patents, registered 10 Tianjin achievements. As a member of the tutor group, he provided guidance for 9 doctoral students and many postgraduates. He served as instructor in the experiment technique training classes of China Preventive Medicine Association.













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