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Sun Yuanming, researcher, member of the third China Society of Toxicology, director of Radiation Research and Radiation Processing Association. He graduated from Norman Bethune University of Medical Science in 1985 and obtained a master's degree from Chinese Peking Union Medical College in 1997. He has been working in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Radiation Medicine since August 1985 to date. From January 2007 - November 2007, funded by the Ministry of Education he went to the Laboratory of Medical Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases Medical Research Center of University of Southern Denmark for further study. He has participated in the project from National Natural Science Foundation of China, "Radiation induces HPRT gene mutation of residual damaged hematopoietic stem cell", the project from Ministry of Health Sciences Fund "Experimental Research on E838 prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis", the Sino-Japanese cooperation project "Radiation dose reconstruction for workers involving medical X-ray with in situ hybridization" and the project from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Fund "Research on the degree of tumor risk for workers involving medical X-ray caused by in situ hybridization". In recent years, he has been responsible for 2 projects from National Natural Science Fundation "Basic research on the effect of Notch pathway on the differentiation of radiation damaged stem cells to bone tissue" and "Differences of OVX rat osteoclasts in gene expression, relevant gene cloning and chromosomal localization" and the project from Tianjin Natural Science Foundation "Cloning of osteoporosis-related genes and their localization on chromosomes".











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