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Zhou Zewei, researcher and postgraduate tutor. He graduated from Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Pharmacy School, Beijing Medical University (current Pharmaceutical Department of Peking University) and obtained the Bachelor’s Degree of Science in 1988, and then obtained the Mater’s Degree of Chinese Peking Union Medical College. He was promoted to associate researcher in 2003, and then was promoted to researcher in 2009. He has participated in the research work of more than 10 scientific research projects, including the National Key Technologies R&D Program of China during the 8th and 9th Five-Year Research, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), General Logistics Department of Chinese People's Liberation Army Fund, National Science Fund of Tianjin, etc. He masters the biological experiment methods and the research contents of animal experiment anatomical and physiological index detections. He once detected the antineoplastic activities of more than 200 Chinese herbs in laboratory animals, so he is quite familiar with the pharmacological activities of natural medicines and has a deep understanding of their treatment and health efficiencies. He has published more than 40 research papers, among which including 3 SCI papers and more than 40 papers published in core journals. He also has applied for 10 patents for invention and 5 of them have been granted. Successively, he has recruited and trained more than 30 postgraduates. Several of his researches have been voted as Tianjin Scientific and Technological Achievements and one of them has obtained the Third Prize of Tianjin Awards for Progress in Science and Technology.












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