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Liu Jianfeng, male, doctor and associate researcher, “Union Star”, Research Director of Nuclear Medicine Application in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Institute of Radiation Medicine of Peking Union Medical College with research directions of medical imaging, nuclear medicine and nano-drug carrier. Detailed implemented research contents include: ① design, synthesis and application of tumor multi-modal nano molecular probes to realize early accurate diagnosis of tumors through joint modification between targeting nanometer materials and multiple imaging probes (radionuclide/MR/fluorescence etc.), ② researches on impacts of design of multiple nano-drug carriers and different modifications upon performances in vitro and vivo as well as tumor therapy after medicine carrying. ③ researches on pre-clinical pharmacokinetics for biotech drugs through radioisotope-labeled technology. Currently undertaking two projects of National Science Foundation and Natural Fund Key Projects of Tianjin City and talent support program of “Union Star”; over 40 articles published in recent 5 years, including over 30 SCI articles; total impact factors over 150 and average impact factor >5.













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