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Song Naling, associate professor and master tutor, graduated from biological science specialty of Tianjin Normal University. She has been working in Research Laboratory of Experimental Nuclear Medicine of Institute of Radiation Medicine under Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences since graduation. Main researches include protein analysis and researches on new technology, new methods and new reagents on nucleic acids analysis, and researches on genetically engineered antibody and monoclonal antibody. In recent years, her main researches focus on recombined human functional protein and its application in tumor diagnosis and therapy. As a project leader and main participant, she has completed 4 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 projects of Natural Science Funds of Tianjin City, 2 fund projects of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, published over 20 academic theses and participated in editing 2 academic works, applied for 1 patent, won 1 Second Award of National Award for Science and Technology Progress, 1 Second Award of Science and Technology Progress of Tianjin City, 1 Third Award of Chinese Medical Science and Technology, and 3 Achievements of Science And Technology of Tianjin City.
















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