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Fan Saijun, Deputy Director, doctoral advisor of radioactive medicine specialty, specially-appointed professor in specially-appointed post of radioactive medicine of “ under Ministry of Education of the PRC, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars as well as “ specially-appointed professor of “Union Scholar” research directions in radiation damage, genes related to tumor radiotherapy, and researches on new drugs for radiation damage protection; over 220 theses published in journals at home and abroad such as Science, over 9,300 citations, 48 national patent applications, 19 authorized patents; working as Vice Director of Specialized Committee of Radiation Hygiene under China Preventive Medicine Association, Committee Member of Asian Association for Radiation Research and Standing Committee Member of the China Branch; editorial board member for the Acta pharmacological Sinaca, Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer, and Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection.










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