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Report on 11th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens

The 11th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens, (11th ICEM), was held in Foz do Iguaçu from November 3 to 8, 2013. Over 600 people from over 30 countries like Brazil, USA, Canada, Argentina, Chinese, attended the meeting. In accordance with different professions, the meeting set 50 topics, with 22 Conference Reports, over 200 special reports, and over 300 panel exchanges. A total of 15 people from China attended the meeting, led by China Environmental Mutagen Society Vice-chairman and Third Military Medical University Professor Cao Jia, two of whom delivered Conference Reports. Liu Qiang from our institute delivered a conference report entitled Spermatozoa Damage of Adult Men Exposed to the Processing of Electronic Waste at the meeting. This paper won Young Scientist Award of this conference.

 Several foreign counterpart experts at the meeting were very interested in our work, had in-depth exchanges alone after meeting, and wanted our laboratory to join International Society for Environmental Mutagens in cytogenetic evaluation of environmental pollution effects on human health.

Through exchanges with foreign counterparts, we learned more about the depth and level of research by foreign counterparts, found our strengths and gaps, and expanded our international influences, laying the foundation for possible future international cooperation.














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