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Research in Progress
To promote the research team construction of our institute, improve the professional ethics of the researchers and enhance the cooperative awareness of the researchers, the science and education department of the institute convened scientific researcher training meeting in Tianjin Longshun Manor in the afternoon of June 20, 2013. The meeting was hosted by deputy director Fan Saijun, Secretary Zhang Jianhong made the report “the elements for researcher success” by his personal experience in the viewing angle of researchers’ families, proposing 10 successful personal elements including interesting, tutor role model, planning, diligent, intention and cooperation etc. Superintendent Fan Feiyue made the report “self-improvement, high morality, seeking truth and innovation” in terms of analysis for the profound meaning trained, proposing higher demands and hopes of eight principles “clear objectives, inspire spirits, gather strength and pursue development” to the researchers; deputy superintendent Fan Saijun inspired the researchers in our institute to show themselves and breakthrough innovation on the innovation team platform of radioactive medicine by the report “happy team, happy life”. After the report, all the researchers participated conducted in-depth communicating and discussing on the research development and personnel training of our institute, agreed that personal development is closely related with the development of the institute, only by strengthening research professional ethics, improving professional technological level can we really maximum personal value, and achieve the development and improvement of overall scientific research level.         In the evening, to strengthen the communication between the researchers, the science and education department elaborately prepared colorful fraternity for us, by the way of singing and games, not only provide a stage for the researchers to show themselves, but also enhanced their sense of teamwork.

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