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Laboratory Animals Center

I. Introduction of the Center

Laboratory Animals Center of Institute of Radiation Medicine Chinese Academy of Medical Science, established in 2004, with the building area of 800㎡, is an animal experiment platform of scientific research and education for our institute, as well as for other related scientific research units.
Under the strong support of National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), we have renovated the original Barrier System in June 2013 according to the requirements of Laboratory Animal Environment and Facility GB14925—2010, which has been put into use again in April 2014. At present, the new Barrier System is consisted of 10 SPF animal rooms, 1 SPF laboratory and 1 SPF feeding room equipped with Individual Ventilated Cages (IVC) for small animal raising and super-clean benches. In this system, up to 1,000 rats and 6,000 mice can be raised at one time. There are 3 100,000-class animal rooms for the raising of conventional laboratory animals, such as rats, rabbits and dogs etc. Furthermore, there are matching devices such as 100,000-class laboratory, pure water preparation machine and high pressure sterilizer etc., and all the instruments of our institute can be used in animal experiments.
Our center consists of senior personnel, like Master Degree Candidates of Animal Medical and professional veterinarians etc., and all of our lab technicians have years of related experience and know well about the theories and operating technologies associated with animal experiment. After long-term production practice, we have set up a scientific, rigorous and mature SOP management system.

II. Relevant Instruments and Equipment

Cesium137 small animal irradiator, small animal in vivo imager, flow cytometry, PCR amplifier and hematology analyzer, etc.; Mouse Individual Ventilated Cages (IVC), super-clean benches, rat metabolism cages, SPF animal laboratories, ten thousandth analytical balance and auto-balancing centrifuges, etc.


III. Service Items

IV. Expert Profile

Yan Yujun, director of Laboratory Animals Center of Institute of Radiation Medicine Chinese Academy of Medical Science. He owns 30 years of practice experience, proficient experimental operating skills and solid theoretical knowledge. He is very experienced in animal experiment, synthesis of I125 labelled compounds, experimental design like sensibility of various mouse strains to cesium137 radiation and tolerance of different tumor markers to nude mice etc. and technical operations; for the management and utilization of laboratory animal facilities, he also has a scientific, rigorous and mature SOP management system.
Meng Ai’min, researcher of Institute of Radiation Medical Academy of Medical Science, and doctoral tutor. His research fields include injury mechanism and intervention of radiotherapy and chemotherapy for hematopoietic immune cells and the molecular mechanisms of blood stem cell aging caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He serves as also member of several institutes, such as: member of Radiation Toxicology Committee, Chinese Society of Toxicology; member of Biochemical and Molecular Pharmacology Committee, Chinese Pharmacological Society; Member of Tianjin Pharmacological Society; member of Tianjin Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Member of America Radiation Research Society, Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society and China Preventive Medicine Association. He is responsible for multiple national and provincial scientific research projects, and he has trained many doctoral students and postgraduates.
Zhou Zewei, researcher and postgraduate tutor. He graduated from Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Pharmacy School, Beijing Medical University (current Pharmaceutical Department of Peking University) and obtained the Bachelor’s Degree of Science in 1988, and then obtained the Mater’s Degree of Chinese Peking Union Medical College. He was promoted to associate researcher in 2003, and then was promoted to researcher in 2009. He has participated in the research work of more than 10 scientific research projects, including the National Key Technologies R&D Program of China during the 8th and 9th Five-Year Research, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), General Logistics Department of Chinese People's Liberation Army Fund, National Science Fund of Tianjin, etc. He masters the biological experiment methods and the research contents of animal experiment anatomical and physiological index detections. He once detected the antineoplastic activities of more than 200 Chinese herbs in laboratory animals, so he is quite familiar with the pharmacological activities of natural medicines and has a deep understanding of their treatment and health efficiencies. He has published more than 40 research papers, among which including 3 SCI papers and more than 40 papers published in core journals. He also has applied for 10 patents for invention and 5 of them have been granted. Successively, he has recruited and trained more than 30 postgraduates. Several of his researches have been voted as Tianjin Scientific and Technological Achievements and one of them has obtained the Third Prize of Tianjin Awards for Progress in Science and Technology.

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