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Health Care Center

Introduction of the center

The Health Care Center of Institute of Radiation Medicine Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences was established in 2009, and in the same year was awarded the occupational physical examination certificate issued by relevant authorities, capable of carrying out physical examinations for workers involving radioactive operations, chemical poisoning, dust, noise and etc. Currently the center has over 20 employees, including 4 chief physicians, 8 attending physicians and 3 postgraduate students.

For years, with the support from the National Radiation Medical Rescue Base of Institute of radiation medicine Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the professional Committee of diagnostic standards for radiation disease, we have been constantly improving our professional proficiency and service level, and the number of employees continues to increase. There is significant increase in not only the number of patients accepting medical examinations and the number of examination items, but also the scope covered. We have become one of organizations in Tianjin with the most complete qualification for occupational health monitoring & care. The center is now using comprehensive physical examination software, to result in more standardized, accurate and convenient medical reports.

Qualification introduction

We are capable of carrying out physical examination for workers involving radiation, chemical poisoning (manganese and its inorganic compounds, beryllium and its inorganic compounds, cadmium and its inorganic compounds, chrome and its inorganic compounds, zinc oxide, phosphorus and its inorganic compounds,  phosphorus hydride, barium compounds, vanadium and its inorganic compounds, carboxyl nickel, benzene, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, methanol, gasoline, bromide methane, normal hexane, amino and nitro compounds of benzene, trinitrotoluene, benzidine, chlorine, allyl chloride, chloroprene, toluene diisocyanate, pentachlorophenol, chlorine ether, acrylamide, unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine, pyrethroids, asthma causing matter, coke oven emissions), physical factors (noise, hand-transmitted vibration, high temperature, high atmospheric pressure, ultraviolet light electrical work, high-place operation, high pressure vessel operations, screen operations, highland job), dust (free silica dust, coal dust, asbestos dust, and other inorganic dust, cotton dust, asbestos dust that may cause pneumoconiosis), Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control, prevention and treatment of hepatitis, occupational motor vehicle driving operation.


NOOC oil service and oilfield technology division, the logging branch of CNPC Bohai Drilling, Schlumberger China Marine Services Company, Tianjin RAD Radiation Detection and Evaluation Co., Ltd., Freescale Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd., Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry, Denso (Tianjin) Air Conditioning Components Co., Ltd., Dagang Oilfield General Hospital, the Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin Central Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin Children's Hospital, Tianjin Huanhu Hospital, Blood Diseases Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Tianjin An Ding Hospital, Tianjin Cancer Hospital, Tianjin Nankai Hospital.

Main instruments

The main existing instruments include color Doppler ultrasound system, three-channel automatic analysis ECG, slit lamp microscope, lung function analyzers, urine analyzers, automatic hematology analyzer, automatic biochemical analyzer, digital X-ray imaging system (DR), color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, automated chromosome analyzer, electronic sphygmomanometer, pure tone audiometer, acoustic impedance, atomic absorption spectrometer, special vehicles for X-ray examination, cytogenetics FISH and karyotype automatic scan and analysis system, audiometry room, comprehensive dental therapy unit, ENT comprehensive treatment unit, electric obstetrics and gynecology comprehensive surgical bed.

Expert team

Jiang Enhai

, chief physician, professor and master tutor of Beijing Union Medical College, endowed expert by the Tianjin government, and expert entitled to special government allowances. He is mainly engaged in basic and clinical diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic radiation damage, and the study on diagnosis standard for radiation disease. He undertook and took part in more than 20 national and ministerial level projects, had more than 100 papers published in national core journals, edited and co-edited 10 books, took charge and supervised 19 national occupational health standards and a set of video teaching materials. He is the winner of two grade II provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress prizes, four grade III Technology Progress Awards, and 16 scientific and technological achievements. He was the creator of a new pharmaceutical technology in Tianjin.

He is currently deputy director of 1st clinical department of Nuclear Accident Emergency Centre of Population and Family Planning Commission (PFPC), vice-chairman and deputy secretary-general of PFPC Radioactive Disease Diagnostic Criteria Professional Committee, deputy head of Health Emergency Expert Advisory Committee, deputy head of the Radiation Hematology Group of Chinese Medical Association Radiological Protection Institute, expert of AQSIQ port emergent public health and emergency events handling and nuclear radiation expert group, member of the expert advisory committee of China Health Supervision Association, member of the review committee of Chinese Preventive Medical Science Prize, expert of National Radioactive disease diagnosis and identification consulting group, deputy editor of Medical Reference (Radiological Medicine and Protection), editor and reviewer of multiple national core journals.

Li Jin, Research, postgraduate tutor. He has been engaged in radiation biometric research for many years, and launched studies on using biological indicators such as chromosomes, cytokinesis block micronucleus, and locus mutation as biological dosimeter. In recent years, he has led 2 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and 2 items of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation. He participated in 20 projects funded by Sino-Japanese cooperation, Sino-US cooperation, the national "Ninth Five-year" research and the Ministry of Health. He had more than 50 papers published. He has won one grade II Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award and one grade II Chinese Preventive Medical Association Science and Technology Award.

He is now standing member of Radiological Medicine and Protection Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, editorial board member of Chinese Radiation Medicine and Protection Journal, expert of Tianjin occupational disease diagnosis and identification expert bank, member of the radioactive diagnosis and identification technical guidance group of Tianjin occupational disease diagnosis and identification committee.

Xing Zhiwei, chief physician. After graduation from the medical department of Tianjin Medical University in 1987, he has been engaged in the clinical research of radiation diseases, health care of professional staff, development of diagnostic criteria for radiation diseases, radiation medicine emergency handling, follow-up and research of late effects of radiation accidents, from which he has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience. He was responsible for multiple projects from the industrial fund of Ministry of Health, the fund from the institute and Ministry of Health’s standard tasks. He completed the drafting work of a number of health industry standards and national occupational health standards and several sections of Chinese Medical Encyclopedia, and completed the preparation work of multiple works as editor or deputy editor. He has two ongoing research topics, and has had more than 30 papers published in core journals. He is the winner of 1 Grade II and one grade III Chinese Preventive Medical Association Science and Technology Awards, and two Grade III Tianjin Science and Technology Awards.

He is member of the first, second national occupational radiation disease diagnosis and identification steering group, member of Tianjin occupational radiation disease diagnosis and identification steering group, member of occupational diseases evaluation expert and occupational radiological diagnosis expert bank for construction projects, member of editorial board to Chinese Journal of Clinicians and Chinese Journal of Brain Disease and Rehabilitation (electronic version).

Jiang Bo, associate chief physician. He is graduated from Tianjin Medical University in 1992 and has been ever since engaged in the research of radiation medicine (radiation injury and clinical research) for many years. He has taken part in the medical treatment of multiple major domestic radiation accidents, and won praised by superiors and fellow experts. He has treated many difficult cases of patients with chronic radiation injury from across the country, and after treatment he experienced significant improvement.

He was responsible for drafting health standards for radiation-related workers and the principles of medical examination and treatment of overexposed personnel, participated in the revision and development of a number of radiological diagnosis standards, and completed the establishment of a national computer system for radiation disease. He has had more than 20 papers published in core journals, and is the winner of one Grade II Chinese Preventive Medical Association Science and Technology Award, one Grade III China Preventive Medicine Association Science and Technology Award, three Tianjin Science and Technology Committee technological achievements, two Tianjin Science Technology Progress Awards. He was employed as expert of occupational disease diagnosis and identification expert bank of Tianjin Public Health Bureau, member of the Radiological Medicine and Hematology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, member of Radiological Medicine and Science Youth Commission of Chinese Medical Association, and member of the International Nuclear and Radiation Accident Rescue Team.

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