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Department of Pharmaceutica
The department of pharmaceutica is one of the core subjects in the Institute of Radiation Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. They are interested in finding out new radioprotector and rdiosensitizer. They have been working in developing effective radioprotector since the foundation of China. “Dimethyl thiazolidine hydrochloride” “Polysaccharide from Tremella fuciformis ” were found as effective radioprotectors.  The department has three research branchs: medical chemistry, natural medical chemistry and pharmacology. Now, there are nine research scientists in the department, including three researchers, one associate researcher and three assistant researchers. This department is one of the training bases for postgraduates majored in medical chemistry in PekingUnionMedicalCollege. There are three professors in the department.
Director of the Department: Xu Wenqing.
Members:Liu Peixun, Zhou Zewei, Shi Peiji, Shen Xiu, Zhou Xiaoliang, Wang Hao, Long Wei.
Research areas:

1. Research for radioprotector
2. Research for tumor radiotherapy sensitizer
3. Research for antitumor drug
4. Innovative drug design based on computational simulation and molecular designing platform.
5. Research for traditional Chinese Medicine and its compound effective material basis based on Computational Chinese Materia Medica (CCMM).

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